Two NCAR ISS (Integrated Sounding System) were deployed to Nebraska for the GRAINEX field campaign May - July 2018.  The systems were located at the University of Nebraska Rogers Memorial Farm about 12 km east of Lincoln and at the York Municipal Airport, about 3 km NW of York NE. 

 ISS2  Rogers Memorial Farm, Lincoln  40° 50' 40" N,  96° 28'  6" W, alt: 374 m
 ISS3  York Municipal Airport  40° 53' 30" N,  97° 37' 34" W,  alt: 508m


The systems included the following instrumentation:

 Radar Wind Profiler  LAP3000 915 MHz DBS wind profiler with RASS
 Soundings  Vaisala MW41 / RS 41 radiosondes
 Ceilometer  Vaisala CL31 and CL51
 Surface Met  Lufft WS700/800 weather sensors at 3m

 PTB210 Pressure at 3m

 Hukseflux NR01 4-component radiation at 1m

 HSA Tipping bucket rain gauge

 Web camera


The campaign was run in two intensive phases, IOP #1 (May 30 -  June 13, 2018) and IOP #2 (July 16 - 30, 2018).  The surface met systems and ceilometers were run continuously for the whole campaign; the wind profilers and soundings were only operated during the IOP phases.  Quick look plots from the campaign (sorted by date) are available here (note that these include test data and periods where equipment was not fully operational).