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The NCAR HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR) is an airborne millimeter (W-band) wavelength radar that provides high spatial and temporal resolution remote sensing capabilities on the NSF/NCAR HIAPER aircraft. The HCR is housed in a 20 inch diameter wing pod and is capable of estimating winds and microphysics over a 15 km radius with 40 meter gate spacing. HCR can be operated in scanning and fixed-pointing modes for detecting cloud boundaries and cloud liquid and ice. The HCR beamwidth is 0.7 deg and range resolution is between 40 and 150 m.

Configuration: NSF/NCAR HIAPER GV aircraft

Number of available systems: 1


Science: Dr. Ulrike Romatschke / romatsch@ucar.edu / (303) 497-8817

Data: eol-datahelp@ucar.edu