Digital Camera Imagery and Movie Notes

Camera Images

During SPICULE, the NSF/NCAR GV HIAPER flew a forward-facing camera for in-flight image capture. The forward camera is a Point Grey Research Hi-Res Flea Hi-Color, 1024x768 resolution. The Navitar DO-412 lens has a focal length of 4 mm and the field of view is about 62 x 48 degrees with some barrel distortion. This camera is located on the right wing pylon.

Images were acquired once per second and stored as JPEG-compressed files. No image processing was performed beyond converting the raw pixel data to 24 bit color images. Applying a sharpening filter as is ordinarily done by consumer digital cameras will considerably improve the appearance. The UTC date and time are encoded in the filename as YYMMDD-HHMMSS.jpg.

Camera images were not recorded during research flights RF02 and RF03. There were some images collected from within the cockpit of the GV during RF02. If you are interested in imagery from RF02, please contact Cory Wolff (Project Manager) for more information.


.mp4 files were created for each flight RF01, and RF04 - RF10. For each .mp4, the forward camera images are displayed on the left panel and a set of animated plots are displayed on the right panel. The animated variables are:


Test Flights: Forward-facing camera images are available for TF01 and TF02.

Ferry Flights: No ferry flights were flown for SPICULE.

Please direct any questions to:

Cory Wolff (Project Mananger), Stuart Beaton, or Taylor Thomas