Access to RAF

Below are the instructions and links for getting access to RAF for the upload and flights.

If you will be needing access to the Research Aviation Facility (RAF) for any reason during TI3GER please read these instructions carefully.  NCAR has protocols for working on site safely during COVID, while RAF also requires training on general safety in and around the hangars and aircraft.

Even if you already have a badge (e.g. ACOM staff) you still need to complete steps 1 and 2 as the RAF safety briefings have changed and we need to document those who have completed the new modules.  In order to receive a badge and gain access to RAF please complete the following steps as soon as possible and no later than 18 January.  This way we can be sure to have your badge created and/or activated by the time you come on site.

1. Fill out the form to request access.  It can be found here:

2. Watch the following five RAF Training videos.  These videos will introduce you to the RAF, teach you about safety in the facility, and provide specific guidelines for working here.  You must watch each one in its entirety and then sign and send the RAF Training Acknowledgement Form to Cory acknowledging you have done so and will abide by the policies and procedures described.

Introduction to RAF

OSHA Training

Field Project Participants

Hangar Safety

Visitor Lab

3. If you don't already have an NCAR badge please email Cory a passport style picture or selfie on a light colored background.

4. Complete the NCAR mandated yellow-phase COVID safety training, which involves a video and a quiz.  The links to each are found below.

Link to training video:


Once you have completed these steps RAF will have a badge created for you which will give you access to the facility and hangars during the TI3GER project period.  Your badge will be collected upon your departure after the project is complete.