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Erect a 50m (170') Rohn tower for in-situ flux and gradient measurements within and just above a deciduous forest.

Tower siting

Logistics at this site:

  • Gravel fill for the ~8 wet spots on the access road
  • Power brought in from the nearest hatchery power drop, ~1500'.  Trees need to be trimmed along this "right of way".  Hatchery people would like this power line to remain after we leave, in the eventuality that they would install another pump near our trailer location.  They would prefer 3-phase, but are happy just to have the poles. Obviously, the meter should be pulled after we leave.
  • Power drop installed near trailer
  • Porta-potty placed near trailer
  • Tower will be powered by cable from trailer.  May need to use one of our transformers.
  • We will give PIs use of about 1/3 of our trailer for chemistry instrumentation.  (Noisy) pumps will be kept outside, under trailer.
  • We would like to deploy tower before leaf-out to facilitate running guy wires.