2-Micron Lidar

One-line Daily Ops Summary

From shane@lidar.ssec.wisc.edu  Fri Sep 20 13:34:31 1996

To: rilling
Subject: days of LIFT list

Here is a quick list of the days of LIFT and what the 2-micron was
doing on each of them ...


7-21-96 Arrive / begin setup
7-22-96 setup
7-23-96 setup 
7-24-96 setup
7-25-96 setup
7-26-96 Intended first day of ops; vertical, bad data
7-27-96 vertical; questionable data
7-28-96 down
7-29-96 down (DIAL laser broke)
7-30-96 down (Doppler developed 100-MHz ref problem)
7-31-96 scanning (35.3 PPIs, WNW flow, good Cu and mid-level clouds)
8-01-96 vertical (clustering of PM Cu before clearing)
8-02-96 vertical (excellent Cu; continuous RASS)
8-03-96 scanning (35.3 PPIs; good Cu)
8-04-96 vertical (good Cu; DIAL working again)
8-05-96 mixed scans AM, vertical PM (strong S flow)
8-06-96 vertical (good CBL & Cu)
8-07-96 vertical (Gust front case study in PM; continuous RASS)
8-08-96 scanning (50.8 PPIs)
8-09-96 vertical (continuous RASS, low lidar SNR, 10-20s required)
8-10-96 vertical (high-mid clouds, 5s dwell required on Doppler lidar)
8-11-96 down
8-12-96 vertical (5s dwells on HRDL, good deep Cu convection, begin overnight)
8-13-96 vertical (end overnight run)
8-14-96 scanning (interleaved 35.3 & 50.8 PPIs AM, 50.8 PPIs
8-15-96 vertical AM; coordinated scans with DOW in PM
8-16-96 volume/raster scans AM; prof sync AM; vertical with prof PM
8-17-96 down (rain)
8-18-96 down (rain)
8-19-96 vertical (hazy, hot & humid, strong S flow)
8-20-96 vertical (sunny, hot & humid, continuous RASS and vertical on prof)
8-21-96 vertical (cont vert on prof; with 2-hrs prof sync in PM)
8-22-96 scanning (35.3 PPIs; mid-day scanner problems; 2-hrs of prof sync AM)
8-23-96 pack
8-24-96 leave