Two-Dimensional, Stereo, Particle Imaging Probe

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Two 128-photodiode linear arrays work independently as high-speed and high-resolution optical imaging probes. Captures two-dimensional images of particles passing through sample volume where laser beams overlap. The region where the beams overlap uniquely defines the depth of field (and thus the sample volume) for small particles. Particles as small as 10 microns are imaged at 200 m/s, significantly improving the determination of sample volume and sizing of small particles less than 100 microns. Data rates up to 13 MB per second, compressed into a binary file. It fits in a standard PMS 2D canister and uses standard wiring.


Measurements Provided: 

Cloud particle distribution, size, and images from 10 to 1280 microns at 10 micron resolution

Example(s) of Measurements

SOCRATES TF01 later in flight.png

SOCRATES TF01 example from the in-flight display. The software can also be used for playback after the fact.

SOCRATES TF01 xpms2d 133837 in flight.png

Data displayed in XPMS2D after running translate2ds




Primary External Contacts
Paul Lawson, SPEC Inc
Lead Contact
Sarah Woods