Lake Effect Snow Storms - 1980

12/01/1980 - 01/22/1981
Project Location
Mukegon, Michigan

Lake-induced clouds and snowstorms are important elements of winter weather in the Great Lakes Region. The Lake Effect Snow Storms - 1980 (LESS-80) experiment was a continuation of research that began in 1977. This experiment used the, B-80 QueenAir to research dynamics and cloud physics in a series of coordinated efforts with the University of Wyoming B200T King Air, the CHILL radar and one of the NCAR radars during periods of lake snows at Muskegon, Michigan. State parameters, motion fields and microphysics parameters measured from the two airplanes were combined with reflectivity patterns and motion fields deduced from the radars in an effort to extend knowledge about the organization, internal structure, and precipitation physics of lake-induced snow storms. 



Principal Investigators:

  •  Roscoe R. Braham

Data Manager: