WE-CAN Test Payload

WE-CAN Test Phase payload is a subset of the full payload with respective locations on the C-130 preserved. The drawing is also available as a PDF file.






U of Montana compact PTR-TOF-MS

Lu Hu

Instrument is current being built in Austria. Shipping rack will help meet test flight timing.


Aerodyne TILDAS

Ilana Pollack

Tentative plans for Ilana to come to RAF to view the inlet/winglet used on Twin Otter on Feb 15. Instrument training at Aerodyne Feb 22-24.

Fine-mode aerosol composition


Delphine Farmer

Sonia Kreidenweis

New postdoc starting July 1. Moving dates to September would resolve this, and ensure AMS can fly in test flights.

Aerosol Absorption

U of Wyoming Custom Photoacoustic Absorption Spectrometer with Thermal Denuder

Shane Murphy

PAS instrument is committed both to this project and to another project chasing forest fires in mobile lab this summer – Thus September is better.

Aerosol extinction, scattering and absorption

U of Wyoming Aerodyne CAPSSSA

Shane Murphy


Cloud condensation nuclei number concentration

CSU DMT Cloud Condensation Nucleus (CCN) counter

Paul DeMott

Needs modification for operating at a constant inlet pressure.


Black carbon mass in individual particles

Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2)


Delphine Farmer

Sonia Kreidenweis



Aerosol Inlet System

Solid Diffuser Aerosol Inlet (SDI)




Ultrafine particles number concentration and size distributions

NCAR Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer (SMPS)

John Ortega

We are going to have Ezra Levin (Research Scientist with Kreidenweis and DeMott) reach out directly to John Ortega to figure out how much effort is needed. Test flights could be used for John to train operator.



NCAR ACOM Picarro or Los Gatos analyzer


Teresa Campos  


Cloud and aerosol


UW Cloud Lidar nadir Shane Murphy Aft downward looking port only