TORERO AGU Fall Meeting

AGU Fall Meeting

3-7 December 2012
San Francisco, CA

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A44E. Tropospheric Chemistry and Tropical Oceans I
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM; 3004 (Moscone West)

Friday, 7 December 2012

A51E. Tropospheric Chemistry and Tropical Oceans II Posters
8:00 AM - 12:20 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

A51E-0112. Eddy covariance flux measurements of Glyoxal over the tropical Pacific Ocean - (Coburn)
A51E-0113. Reconciling Glyoxal Observations Over Oceans with Model Simulations: A 3D sensitivity study - (Tsigaridis)
A51E-0114. Isotopic compositions and biogenic tracer compounds of organic carbon and organic nitrogen in marine aerosols over the eastern equatorial Pacific
A51E-0115. Spatial distribution of Aerosol Surface Area, OVOC, and Halogens during TORERO - (Wang)
A51E-0116. Actinic flux measurements and photolysis frequencies enhancements near clouds during DC3 and TORERO - (Hall)
A51E-0117. Measurements of Short-Lived Organohalogens Over the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean During TORERO - (Hornbrook)
A51E-0118. Measurements of vertical distributions of bromine oxide, iodine oxide, oxygenated hydrocarbons and ozone over the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean - (Volkamer)
A51E-0119. Carbon monoxide observations over open ocean during the Tropical Ocean tRoposphere Exchange of Reactive halogen species and Oxygenated VOC (TORERO) experiment - (Campos)
A51E-0120. Optical Properties of Remote Ocean Aerosols As Measured by an Air-borne High Spectral Resolution Lidar - (Spuler)
A51E-0121. Characteristics of Double Tropopause Layers Observed During TORERO - (Haggerty)