Shipping to Chile


EOL is not funded to provide shipping or customs assistance; each investigator group is responsible for their own shipment. EOL highly recommends to hire a shipping agent who is familiar with international shipping; your institution's shipping and receiving department should be able to help. In addition, it is best to minimize the volume of shipment to Chile, especially for support equipment that will be needed in Costa Rica. Shipping from Chile to Costa Rica is also the responsibility of the instrument teams; EOL will not have on site shipping support in Chile.

It is best not to plan on moving mission critical equipment between the two sites. Shipping delays could compromize availability of such equipment in Costa Rica.

AGUNSA (receiving agen in chile, see below) will require copies of air way bills, packing lists and proforma invoices for each shipment for smooth Customs clearances at Santiago International Airport. Please provide these to Sr. Foweraker via E-mail.


When shipping to Antofagasta please use the following address:


Condell 1949

Antofagasta - Chile

Phone: (56-55) 566400

Fax: (56-55) 225487


Contact information:

Main mail:

Port Agent:

Diego Foweraker


Mobile: (56-9) 9657 6519

Telephone: (56-55) 566401