Sabreliner Documentation Summary

Letter from the RAF Project Manager

The RAF documentation summary contains the final documentation for the airborne measurements obtained from the NSF/NCAR Research Aviation Facility (RAF) aircraft... (read more)

Output Data Format

Example Production Output netCDF File Header (Low Rate)


Project Managers' Data Quality Report
    •Section I:    General Information
    •Section II:   Flight Summary
    •Section III:  Comments and instrumentation Problems on each flight
Appendix A: Event Marks
Appendix B: Slide Collections
Appendix C: Skeleton Processor Code
Appendix D: Lander, Wyoming Radiosonde Soundings (listings and plots)

Research Flight Reports
RAF Processing Memos

Research Instrumentation

RAF-Supplied Aircraft Instrumentation List
Summary of Instrument Calibration Factors

RAF Bulletins

RAF Bulletin No. 9 Standard Output Data Products (2/89)
RAF Bulletin No. 23 Measurement Techniques: Air Motion Sensing (11/89)
RAF Bulletin No. 24 Airborne Measurements for Cloud Microphysics (1/89)
RAF Bulletin No. 25 Passive Broadband and Spectral Radiometric Measurements Available on NCAR/NSF Research Aircraft

 Project Support Information

RAF Software Product Guide