Potential Collaborations

We have discussed this proposal with many PBL researchers outside NCAR, and they all expressed a great interest in using the field data or/and a close collaboration in improving SGS models for LES. They include John Finnigan (from CSIRO, Australia, now visiting MMM) who has been involved in our discussions on field design; John Wyngaard (Penn State U) and Marac Parlange (Johns Hopkins University) who started and remain strong advocates of this new experimental approach; Jeff Weil (visitor from CIRES/CU) who would like to use the data set for his investigation of dispersion in the very stable PBL; Bjorn Stevens (UCLA) who has been an LES practitioner for many years and is particularly interested in SGS problems; and Berengere Dubrulle (visitor from CNRS, France) who developed the new dynamic SGS model that we would like to test in the field.