Operations of ISFS At The Manitou Forest Observatory


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Operational Information

Troubleshooting turbulence tower data system From Boulder (inside EOL access only)

Realtime Display

The cockpit program can be run from inside the UCAR firewall, providing small time series traces of each sampled variable on the turbulence tower. For Linux and Windows, just click on the link, above. The first time you will be asked to accept a digital signature,  and then the initial connection window should appear. This link uses java Web Start.

On Macs, starting cockpit via java Web Start is not currently working. On a Mac, one has to go through additional steps.

Instructions for Macs and further information about cockpit on Windows and Linux are available on the cockpit web page.

When the connection window appears, enter porter.eol.ucar.edu as the uni-cast server name, leave the port number as 30000, and press search.