MethaneAIR Data Submission Instructions

The MethaneAIR home page contains relevant links to project and data documentation, distributed data access, and other collaborating projects' datasets.

An initial master list of all MethaneAIR datasets has been compiled to provide easy access to all operational and research MethaneAIR datasets. This list will form the NCAR/EOL MethaneAIR Long-term Data Archive where datasets are grouped by category (i.e., radar, satellite, etc.) and platform. Please review this list to verify that your dataset(s) are properly named and have the appropriate authors identified. Email any corrections, additions or deletions directly to or  If you already have your datasets available on-line elsewhere, please email the link(s) or FTP access information.

To submit your dataset(s) and documentation to the NCAR/EOL MethaneAIR Long-term Data Archive, see the anonymous FTP instructions below. For users without Internet access or if your dataset(s) are too large to FTP (e.g., 250GB or larger), please contact or If you have a large number of files to FTP, please tar and/or compress (e.g., zip, gzip) your files before transferring the files.

It is critical that submitted datasets are accompanied by sufficient documentation. Each dataset must be accompanied by a readme file that meets the Data Set Documentation Requirements.

Once you have FTPed your Data and Readme, please send an email to or with the following information:

        1. Dataset Title

        2. Do you want NCAR/EOL to create a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for this dataset?

        3. Do you want this dataset Password Protected?

        4. List of file names transferred

FTP Instructions for the MethaneAIR Long-term Data Archive at NCAR/EOL:


    Login:    anonymous     (No password required.)

    cd /pub/data/incoming/methaneair21/PI_data    (NOTE: This command should be done all in one step.)

     Note: Ensure that you are in FTP "binary" mode once you have logged into FTP. This is important if you are transferring binary data (e.g., netcdf).

Once you have FTPed your dataset, please send an email to or

Thank you for providing data to the Long-term Data Archive at NCAR/EOL. Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues.

The EOL Data Management Team

NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)


Mailing address:

NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

Attention:  MethaneAIR Field Project Data Management

P.O. Box 3000

Boulder, Colorado, USA 80307

Shipping Address:

NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

Attention: MethaneAIR Field Project Data Management

3090 Center Green Drive

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