LAOF "Queue"

Updated 16 July 2019

The LAOF Long-Term Planning Schedule or "Queue" below lists, in chronological order, funded, requested, and potential field campaigns that require LAOF support.  The chart is primarily used to plan ahead and to allow NSF and the LAOF Partner Organizations to assess future facility demand and resource needs. It is not intended to discourage investigators from submitting a facility requested for a desired time slot, even if other potential field campaigns are already included. NSF jointly with the LAOF Partner Organizations will make a concerted effort to maximize field support.  

To be included in the LAOF long-term planning schedule, please submit a Letter of Interest (LoI) to the LAOF Request Coordinator and NSF LAOF Program Director no later than four months ahead of the request documentation submission deadline. Please see the Current Letters of Interest.

Facility-specific planning charts for the University of Wyoming King Air and the NSF/NCAR aircraft are also available.

The campaign category (Cat) is classified as S for small or L for large, and the funding status of each campaign is highlighted in blue for funded and red for requested.

Cat Project Facilities Time Frame Location PI Status NSF Science Program
FY 2019
S CHEESEHEAD WYKA, ISFS, ISS 24 Jun–11 Oct 2019 Wisconsin Desai Funded AGS/PDM
S Eclipse 2019 GV 25 Jun–4 Jul 2019 Chile DeLuca Funded GEO Solar Terrestrial
L OTREC GV, AVAPS, HCR 5 Aug –30 Sep 2019 Costa Rica Raymond Funded AGS/CLD
Cat Project Facilities Time Frame Location PI Status NSF Science Program
FY 2020
L C-REX/CHI GV 21 Nov–11 Dec 2019 Norway Conde Funded Cost Recovery - NASA
S MethaneAIR GV Nov 2019 and Feb 2020 Colorado Wofsy Funded AGS/ Atm Chem
S SWEX WYKA, ISFS, ISS 1 Apr–15 May 2020 California Calvalho Funded AGS/PDM
S SPICULE C-130, WCR late spring / early fall 2020 Colorado Lawson Requested AGS/PDM
L PRECIP S-PolKa 25 May–10 Aug 2020 Taiwan Bell Funded AGS/PDM
L ACCLIP GV, HAIS 15 Jul–31 Aug 2020 Japan Pan Funded AGS/Atm Chem
Cat Project Facilities Time Frame Location PI Status NSF Science Program
FY 2021 and beyond
S BICCM ISFS Oct 2020–Apr 2021 Colorado Lombardozzi Requested (on hold) AGS/PDM
S ASPIRE GV 7–16 Dec 2020 Chile or Argentina Samra Requested GEO Solar Terrestrial
S TI3GER GV 1 Jan–31 May 2021 CO & HI Volkamer LoI AGS/Atm Chem
S LANGOSTINO DOWs, Mobile Mesonets, Weather Pods, soundings 5 Jan–15 Mar 2021 New England Kosiba Requested AGS/PDM
S CHACHA UWKA, AVAPS 15 Feb–16 Apr 2021 Utqiaġvik, AK Shepson Requested OPP & AGS/Atm Chem
S BOREADS C-130 1 Jun–15 Jul 2021 Canada Bertram LoI AGS/Atm Chem
L THINICE GV, HCR, HSRL, AVAPS, HAIS 1 Jul–31 Aug 2021 Norway Cavallo Forward NSF Arctic
S HDC2EXI DOWs, soundings 10 Jul–30 Aug 2021 Texas Kollias LoI AGS/PDM
S HEDGE GV, AVAPS, HAIS Sep–Oct 2021 Florida Fritts LoI AGS/PDM
tbd AQUARIUS C-130 Dec 202–Feb 2022 Utah Hallar LoI AGS PDM & Atm Chem
L Terminus GV, HCR, HSRL, AVAPS May 2022 or 2023 S. Atlantic Yuter LoI AGS PDM & CLD