ISFS Operations at M2HATS

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ISFS Staff

Lead Scientist: Steve Oncley -

Engineers: Chris Roden, Gary Granger, Isabel Suhr

Technicians: Anthony Wiese, William Nicewonger

Associate Scientist/Data Managers: Jacquie Witte, Matt Paulus


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Site Set-up

M2HATS ISFS site layout

Erect an array of fifty (50) 5 m towers with weather (wind, temperature, humidity) and water vapor/carbon dioxide instrumentation.  These towers would be guyed using commercial ratchet straps attached to 18” long screw anchors in the ground.

Sensors #
3D Sonic anemometer 51
EC150 H2O/CO2 gas analyzer 24
Nanobarometers 24
Temperature/RH 23
NR01 radiometer 2
Soils 3 sets
OTT disdrometer 1