Gallery:ISFS Setup
Photographs of field experiment

ImageISFS Marshall setup 1.jpg

Digging out hole for soil sensors

ImageISFS Marshall setup 2.jpg

The sensors ready to install

ImageISFS Marshall setup 3.jpg

Ready to install soil moisture probe

ImageISFS Marshall setup 4.jpg

Soil moisture and Soil heat capacity probes placed. Note that moisture probe is only seated 1/2 way in "undisturbed" soil due to many rocks in soil. The hole will be backfilled to surround this probe.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 5.jpg

Same as previous, with the addition of the soil heat flux plate to the left.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 6.jpg

- Beginning to fill up hole (note lots of small rocks!)
- Added soil temperature probe to left of hole

ImageISFS Marshall setup 7.jpg

Sensor installation mostly complete.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 8.jpg

Setting of soil installation under radiometer stand. Cables connect to logger box on stand.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 9.jpg

A final view of the soil installation. The site was tapped many times to get loose dirt to fill in any gaps between the rocks. It still would be best to have a good rain before using the data.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 10.jpg

View from the SE of the tower partially instrumented with top 4 levels.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 11.jpg

View from SSE of tower, radiometer stand, and rain gauge being installed.

ImageISFS Marshall setup 12.jpg

View of site from W

ImageISFS Platteville setup 1.jpg

Site of soil sensors after being installed

ImageISFS Platteville setup 2.jpg

Site of soil sensors marked with fence post with cables protected by orange plastic bag

ImageISFS Platteville setup 3.jpg

View to N

ImageISFS Platteville setup 4.jpg

View to E

ImageISFS Platteville setup 5.jpg

View to S. Note oil tank farm (a source of CO2?)

ImageISFS Platteville setup 6.jpg

View to W. Note mountains on horizon. Pickup truck is on track 75m away.

ImageISFS Platteville setup 7.jpg

With next photo, close-up of tank transfer station to south of site.

ImageISFS Platteville setup 8.jpg


ImageISFF Platteville setup-radiation.jpg