FRAPPÉ Science Team

Gabriele Pfister

Pfister uses satellite and ground-based measurements, along with computer models, to study the sources and movements of air pollutants. She is particularly interested in wildfires, which emit gases and particles that can move thousands of miles through the atmosphere, affecting areas far downwind. Pfister analyzes the effect of wildfire emissions on local ozone levels, and she has quantified the impact that massive North American wildfires can have on air quality as far away as Europe.
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Frank Flocke

Frank has been doing air quality related measurements for over 20 years. His specialty is in measurements of reactive nitrogen compounds related to the formation of ozone and other oxidants in the troposphere. Frank also has made measurements of medium and long lived tracers in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, but his main interest remains the chemistry of the polluted boundary layer. Frank has many years of experience with airborne instrumentation and has led or helped to lead a number of studies of tropospheric chemistry conducted from our NCAR/NSF aircraft.
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