Field Base

The C-130 will be based at the Atlantic Aviation FBO. The FBO has the support facilities necessary for conducting the project, including lab space for storage of spares and for performing repairs on instruments if necessary. Ample parking space is available and access to the ramp is reasonably easy.

No unaccompanied access to the aircraft or the ramp will be permitted, and no driving on the ramp to the C-130 will be allowed unless coordinated by the RAF and Atlantic Aviation authorized personnel. The aircraft will be positioned within 100 yards from the FBO doors, and walking to and from the FBO will be allowed. One or two maintenance rooms will be made available, with the location not clear at this time. The rooms are large with working tables and power outlets provided, and they have space for storing the spares necessary to be deployed to the site. The rooms will be key locked when not in use. This space may be located about 300 yards from the C-130, in which case a golf cart or a pickup truck will be made available to help transport equipment between the C-130 and the maintenance rooms. Only RAF or Atlantic Aviation staff, or people specifically authorized will be allowed to operate vehicles on the ramp to provide this transportation.

res_inn_to_airport.gifAtlantic Aviation has a large military hangar available in case emergency repairs are necessary to the C-130.

Wireless internet is available at the FBO office building, where the aircraft and science crews are allowed to use the pilot's lounge and conference rooms. This space will be available to us during normal business hours on flight and non-flight days.

The hotel used by RAF will be Marriot Residence Inn, located about 7 min away from the FBO by car (see map on the right, A is the hotel, B is the FBO) . There are restaurants in the vicinity, including some within walking distance. We encourage other mission staff to stay at the Residence Inn as well. The hotel has wireless internet and can provide a conference room if needed. Government contract rate of $109 will be secured for the entire group. The hotel serves complimentary breakfast every day and dinner on three days a week; the rooms have a full kitchen with a refrigerator and typically a separate bedroom; some rooms are studios with only one room. There is an indoor pool, excersize room and an outdoor BBQ/party area.

The science team is asked to not contact the FBO directly with questions related to C-130 operations. Use Pavel as your POC for that. If you need to ship items to Mather, you will use the FBO address; please notify Pavel of any shipping so that the FBO can be made aware of the shipment. Mark shipments as "WAMO Project, N130AR".