EOL Staff Awards

Below is a listing of EOL recipients of the annual UCAR Awards and other achievements for the following categories


UCAR Distinguished Achievement Awards

2021: Jörgen Jensen for his scientific achievements, mentoring, and leadership spanning nearly two decades in the Research Aviation Facility.

2020: Jeffrey Stith for his 20-year leadership of the NCAR Aviation Program. 

2017: Michael Dixon for his valiant efforts to improve community radar and lidar analysis software, envisioning a new software paradigm, and reinvigorating NCAR's role as a leader in radar software as co-principal investigator of the Lidar Radar Open Software Environment (LROSE) project.

2015: Charlie Martin for his unique vision which led to the development and integration of Field Programmable Gate Array technology into several NSF remote sensing platforms, including the HIAPER Cloud, S-Polka, and Doppler on Wheels radars as well as the 449 Megahertz Wind Profiler. 

2013: Al Cooper for his lead role in coordinating the creation and integration of 14 externally developed instruments installed on the NSF/NCAR HIAPER Gulfstream V jet.

2011: Terry Hock and Dean Lauritsen for their leadership and central role in developing innovative new dropsonde technology as well as transformative delivery systems.

2009: Jack Fox for transforming the EOL Design and Fabrication Services into a world-class premier facility to design and build equipment for atmospheric and related research


Outstanding Publication Awards

2016: Yanping Li and Richard E. Carbone (EOL), 2012: Excitation of Rainfall Over the Tropical Western Pacific. Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 69, 2983-2994, doi: 10.1175/JAS-D-11-0245.1

2015: Roy Rasmussen (RAL), C. Liu (RAL), K. Ikeda (RAL), D. Gochis (RAL), D. Yates (RAL), F. Chen (RAL), M. Tewari (IBM Watson Research Center), M. Barlage (RAL), J. Dudhia (MMM), W. Yu (RAL), K. Miller (RAL), K. Arsenault (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Vanda Grubišić (EOL), G. Thompson (RAL), and E. Gutmann (RAL), 2011: "High-resolution coupled climate runoff simulations of seasonal snowfall over Colorado: A process study of current and warmer climate." Journal of Climate, 24 (11), 3015-3048.

2012: Junhong Wang and Liangying (Liz) Zhang: "Systematic errors in global radiosonde precipitable water data from comparisons with ground-based GPS measurements." Journal of Climate, 21(10), 2218-2238.

2008: Britt Stephens: “Weak Northern and Strong Tropical Land Carbon Uptake from Vertical Profiles of Atmospheric CO2." Science, 316, 1732-1735.

2004: Thomas Horst, “HATS: Field observations to obtain spatially filtered turbulence fields from crosswind arrays of sonic anemometers in the atmospheric surface layer” (published in 2004 in Journal of Atmospheric Science, 41, 1566–1581) and “Structure of subfilter-scale fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer with application to large-eddy simulation modeling” (published in 2003 in Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 482, 101–139).


Scientific and Technical Accomplishment (Technology Advancement) Awards

2020: David Allen (CPAESS), Chris Burghart, Michael Dixon, Maureen Donovan, Scott Ellis, Jonathan Emmett, Wen-Chau Lee, Eric Loew, Mark Lord, Charlie Martin, James Ranson, Steve Rauenbuehler, Pei-Sang Tsai, Jothiram Vivekanandan, and Kurt Zrubek from EOL for the design, development, and construction of the NCAR HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR), a pod-based, W-band, scanning dual-polarization, Doppler airborne radar that is mounted under the wing of the NSF/NCAR GV aircraft. Although successfully completed in 2015, it's application to field campaigns in the years since has proven the product exceptional.

2018: Scott Spuler, Matt Hayman , Tammy Weckwerth, Bruce Morley (formerly NCAR), Jim Ranson, Todd Bernatsky, Rich Erickson, Kevin Repasky (Montana State University), and Amin Nehrir (NASA) for the Micro-Pulse DIAL (MPD) instrument,  a new-generation observing system that can measure vertical variations in water vapor from the boundary layer to the mid-free-troposphere.

2014: Greg Card, Rebecca Centeno-Elliott, Michael Knölker, Alice Lecinski, Ron Lull, Chris Mahan, Jim Ranson, Rich Summers, Tom Wissman, Piyush Agrawal (CU), Justus Brosche (CU), Clemens Halbgewachs (University of Freiburg), Bruce Hardy (consultant), and Courtney Peck (CU) for designing, building, rebuilding, and flying the Sunrise gondola and pointing system, which enabled groundbreaking observations of the Sun at spatio-temporal resolutions never before achieved.

2013: Britt Stephens, Pavel Romashkin, Henry Boynton, Ed Ringleman, John Cowan, Greg Bruning, Brent Kidd, Alison Rockwell, Vidal Salazar, and Janine Aquino (all EOL) for their contributions to the HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations project.

2009: Greg Meymaris, John Hubbert, Mike Dixon, Scott Ellis for developing the Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) algorithm.

2008: Gary New, Julie Harris (CISL), Steven Haynes, Dave Patterson, Dave Maddy, Brian McMillan, John Adamson, Matt Monahan, Dave Heckel, Gordon Kinn, John Harkness, Sandra Sundquist, Leonard Cooper, Bruce Kovalski, Keith White, Peter Chamberlain and Bart Woodiel for designing, implementing, and commissioning significant new ML infrastructure as part of the Bluefire Facilities Infrastructure Team.

2003: Jerry Dryer, James Ellis, Ken Harris, Walt Hodshon, Ed Mores, Steve Palmer, Steve Rauenbuehler, Jose Rivas, Karl Schwenz, Bart Woodiel, David Allen, Jeff Bobka, and Clarke Chambellan for executing three separate, exceptionally complex and urgent projects (Passing Efficiency for the Low Turbulence Inlet (PELTI) Experiment, the University of Denver Low Turbulence Inlet (DULTI) Development, and the International H2O Project (IHOP 2002) development of an innovative antenna designed for a new mobile rapid scan radar).

2000: Jon Lutz, Brian Lewis, Michl Howard, Paul Johnson, Mitch Randall, Eric Loew, Bob Rilling, Dick Oye, Mike Strong, Al Phinney, Joe Vinson, and Bart Woodiel for development of the S-Pol weather radar.

1998: Terry Hock, Hal Cole, Dean Lauritsen, Ken Norris, Ned Chamberlain, Errol Korn, Chip Owens, Jim Franklin, Alan Goldstein and Jeff Smith for development of the Global Positioning System (GPS) dropsonde system.

1996: Mitch Randall, Eric Loew, and Joe Vinson for development of the PC integrated radar acquisition (PIRAQ) board and the VMEBus integrated acquisition (VIRAQ) board. 

1995: Chuck Frush, Peter Hildebrand, Wen-Chau Lee, Eric Loew, Richard Neitzel, Rick Parsons, Mitch Randall, and Craig Walther for the development of the Electra Doppler Radar (ELDORA). 

1992: Anne-Leslie Barrett, David Carter, Hal Cole, Warner Ecklund, Terry Hock, Michl Howard, Charlie Martin,  Mike Spowart, John Wilson for developing the Integrated Sounding System (ISS) network used in TOGA COARE.

1991: Charlie Martin, Joost Businger, Steve Semmer, Tony Delany for development of the Atmosphere-Surface Turbulent Exchange Research Facility.

1989: Dean Lauritsen, Ken Norris, Sig Stenlund, Terry Hock, Tom Gardner, Vin Lally for creation of the lightweight long-range aid to navigation (Loran) digital dropwindsonde.

1985: Fred Brock, George Saum, Michl Howard, Steven Semmer for their leadership in the design and development of the second- generation portable automated mesonet.


Mentoring Awards

2022: Tammy Weckwerth for 15 years of mentoring which has significantly impacted innumerable careers across the organization and beyond. 

2006: William "Al" Cooper for his mentoring of a long stream of postdoctoral fellows as the Director of the Advanced Study Program (ASP).

2004: Jim Wilson for providing meaningful mentorship to a broad range of people, from junior and senior scientists, administrators, and engineers to various levels of students.



2019: Kristen Aponte, Joshua Young, AJ Lauer, Carolyn Brinkworth, Helen Moshak, Angie Pendergrass, Jeremiah Sjoberg, Julie Malmberg, Virginia Do, Matt Herring, Allison Scott Pruitt (CU Boulder), Sylvia Gentile, Mike Daniels (EOL), Diane Thompson (Univ. of Arizona), and Marissa Miller for the design and implementation of UNEION, the UCAR/NCAR Equity & Inclusion program.


Education and Outreach Awards

2020: Alan Bol (COMET), Teresa Campos (ACOM), William “Al” Cooper (EOL), Steve Deyo (COMET), Julie Haggerty (EOL), Tony Mancus (COMET), Gary Pacheco (COMET), Alison Rockwell (EOL), David Russi (COMET), Amy Stevermer (COMET), Holger Voemel (EOL), and Cory Wolff (EOL) for their outstanding contribution to Education and Outreach found in their Atmospheric Instrumentation and Measurement Training entitled, "Synergistic Environments in Graduate and Undergraduate Education (SEGUE)." SEGUE is a comprehensive, online, interactive, multimedia course that consists of ten high-quality, instructional lessons covering the broad subject area of meteorological instrumentation, measurements, and observing systems. The reach of the program was broadened by translating to languages other than English.

2014: Alison Rockwell for developing EOL’s public engagement outreach program in parallel with EOL field campaigns.

2011: Jim Wilson and Rita Roberts for teaching students, scientists, and weather forecasters how to make better forecasts of convective weather with Autonowcaster, a forecast decision system that incorporates much of their research and is now operational in selected U.S. National Weather Service, Army, and international forecast offices.

2010: Briesa St. Martin, Jim Moore, Jorgen Jensen, Kathleen Barney, Maureen Donovan, Santiago Newbery, Scott Briggs, Steven Oncley, Wen-Chau Lee with Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University), Patrick Kennedy (Colorado State University), Robert Cifelli (formerly Colorado State University), Al Rodi (University of Wyoming), and Jeff French (University of Wyoming) for organizing the 2009 Advanced Study Program Colloquium, "Exploring the Atmosphere:  Observational Instruments and Techniques".

2006: Dennis Ward, Dolores Kiessling, Janine Goldstein (Aquino), Jeff Weber, Linda Carbone, Tim Barnes, William Bradley for hosting Super Science Saturday in support of UCAR's mission to educate the public about the atmospheric and related sciences.

1996: Jack Fox and Jim Holt for their contribution to the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE) initiative.


Technical Support Awards

1997: Norm Zrubek for 30 years of dedication and technical excellence in aeronautical engineering at NCAR's Research Aviation Facility. 


Administration Awards

2021: Chrissy Fladung (EOL), Reva Golden (HESS), Scotty McClain (EOL), Pavel Romashkin (EOL), Anna Vasilyeva (HESS), Cory Wolff (EOL) for their extraordinary effort and commitment to bring the EOL field campaigns back into operation after they were suspended due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

2005: Geoff Cheeseman (EOL) and Pat Munson (UCAR F&A) for professional excellence and innovativeness demonstrated during the acquisition of the HIAPER aircraft.

2003: Peggy Taylor for professional excellence associated with field deployment logistics for four exceptionally challenging field programs.

1992: Brigitte Baeuerle for her support of the TOGA COARE project.


American Meteorological Society Fellows

2020: Wen-Chau Lee and Tammy Weckwerth

2016: Jim Moore and Jothiram Vivekanandan

2013: Vanda Grubišić

1994: Rit Carbone