EOL Scientists

EOL has a diverse and active group of scientists and research engineers conducting a wide range of research in atmospheric sciences and technology. 

ISF (In-situ Sensing Facility):

Name Speciality
Bill Brown Wind profiler radars and boundary layer measurements (Science Group Chair)
Steve Oncley Micrometeorology, sonic anemometers, soil sensors, dust devils
Matt Paulus Data processing, archiving and quality control
Holger Vömel In situ soundings and stratosphere/troposphere processes
Jacquie Witte ISF data manager. Soundings and ozonesondes


RAF (Research Aviation Facility):

Name Specialty
Lou Lussier Tropical storms and aircraft measurements (RAF Manager)
Adriana Raudzens Bailey Water cycle processes, stable water isotopes, atmospheric dynamics and mixing
Stuart Beaton Aircraft instrumentation and imagery (Science Group Co-Chair)
Teresa Campos Atmospheric chemistry
Julie Haggerty Remote sensing from aircraft, radiometery
Christina McCluskey Aerosols and cloud microphysics
Pavel Romashkin Atmospheric chemistry measurements from aircraft
Britt Stephens Oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements
Cory Wolff Aircraft measurements, icing


RSF (Remote Sensing Facility):

Name Speciality
Wen-Chau Lee Ground based and airborne radar, tropical storms
Matt Hayman Lidar polarization theory, High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Water Vapor DIAL
John Hubbert Polarimetric radar, precip microphysics
Brad Klotz Airborne remote sensing, radar meteorology, and tropical cyclones
Ulrike Romatschke Radar QC and RSF data management, photogrammetric analysis of clouds
Scott Spuler Optical engineering, lidars
Robert Stillwell DIAL Lidar and thermodynamic profiling
Jothiram Vivek Remote sensing for cloud and precip microphysics
Tammy Weckwerth Remote sensing for BL and mesoscale meteorology


Long Term Visitors, Postdocs and Research Students:

Name Specialty
Gwo-Jong Huang Radar microphysics
Jun-Kyung Kay Data assimilation, ensemble forecast
Mampi Sarkar Cloud microphysics, rain evaporation from aircraft measurements



Name Specialty
Jeff Stith Cloud microphysics, aircraft instrumentation
Jim WIlson Convective weather, radar remote sensing


Affiliate Scientists:

Affiliate scientists are senior-level university and research community scientists who desire to carry out long-term, highly interactive, collaborative work with EOL scientists on scientific problems of mutual interest. These appointments are three year terms and include annual visits and financial and/or administrative support.

Name Specialty
Jim Doyle (Naval Research Lab) Mesoscale and mountain meteorology
Gannet Hallar (University of Utah) Cloud microphysics and measurements
Jakob Mann (Technical University of Denmark) Wind energy and measurements
Kevin Repasky (Montana State University) Laser and lidar development and remote sensing



Please contact William Brown (Science Group Chair) for updates