RSF image archive

Data image browsers for retired RSF remote sensing instruments. Data is available in the EOL Field Data Archive.

Field Project Instrument(s) Dates Number of Images
jaws cp2 1982 70K images
jaws cp3 1982 42K images
jaws cp4 1982 48K images
prestorm cp3 1985 39K images
gale cp3 1986 28K images
gale cp4 1986 32K images
mist cp2 1986 52K images
mist cp3 1986 44K images
mist cp4 1986 56K images
tamex cp4 1987 38K images
cinde cp2 1987 40K images
cinde cp3 1987 37K images
harp cp3 1990 74K images
harp cp4 1990 58K images
cape cp2 1991 191K images
cape cp3 1991 86K images
cape cp4 1991 75K images
stormfest cp3 1992 37K images
stormfest cp4 1992 39K images
chats real 2007 239K images
dynamo toga 2011-2012 319K images