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Computing, Data and Software Facility (CDS)
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Visualization and quality control of upsonde and dropsonde radiosonde soundings. Command line, batch and GUI based interfaces are available.


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Revision History

The changes that are visible to users are given in the following table. The many changes that are made for software maintenance and obscure bug fixes are not listed here. 

Find the most recent revision number here, and locate that in the Downloads area below.

Note that due to web site limitations, the revisions are not sorted correctly in the Downloads area.

Date Revision Details
July 14, 2016 33265
  • Corrected the Aspen version number in the output files generated by the command line version of Aspen (Aspen-QC).
  • FIxed console output for W7 version of Aspen-QC.
May 27, 2016 33236
  • Reworked the BatchAspen user interface.
  • Added levels database writing to BatchAspen.
  • Added the synoptic map display to BatchAspen.
  • Added BUFR output product generation.
  • Redesigned the dropsonde WL150 computation, to match the EditSonde procedure.
  • Dropsonde theoretical fall rate is now the default fall rate for time constant computations.
  • Added the Time-Dependent Dry Bias (TDDryBias) relative humidity correction for AVAPS dropsondes.
  • Important internal fixes leading to "valgrind" compliance.
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes .
Aug 20, 2015 32179
  • Adjustments to the buid environment. Sounding processing unchanged.
June18, 2015 32172
  • Restore the Aspen-QC command line program to the OSX and W7 distributions.
June 15, 2015 32169
  • Fixed the OSX distribution, which was crashing on startup.
  • Corrected the handling of input CLASS format files. The syntax checking is relaxed a bit, to support a small variation in the CLASS file header formatted, as generated by the NCAR DMG group.
May 28, 2015 32152
  • Rework of the WL150 code in the 62626 group of the TEMPDROP message. Winds are interpolated if necessary to provide coverage over a full 150m layer.
  • Sensor ventilation rate is now taken from the theoretical fall rate rather than the observed fall rate. The old behavior is available via an option.
  • Options were reorganized onto more tabs.
  • Version scheme has been changed to VVCCC, where VV holds the release tag (VV:32 corresponds to release 3.2), and CCC represents the number of source commits on that tag.
  • EYE is no longer avaiable as an environment option for the 6262 group; use CENTER instead.

Note that on OSX Yosemite, due to a new Qt incompatibility, drag-and-drop is no longer avaiable. We are working on adding the file menu back to BatchAspen, but in the meantime BatchAspen is not functional on OSX Yosemite.

Sep 09, 2014 7775
  • Minor fix to the standard deviation calculation, where it was being forced to zero if the sum of the squared deviations was less than 1e-20. A side effect of this was that the outlier check was unnecessarily discarding data that was constant.
  • Added P and P1 file selectors for AVAPS D files.
  • Fixed the display of Help->Aspen Config Log
  • The diagnostic file output, when enabled, is now saved in the user home directory on OSX and Linux systems.
Aug 20, 2015 7751
  • Application font name can be specified in the configuration.
  • Application font size can be increased/decreased by hitting ctrl-plus/ctrl-minus. Use the command key rather than ctrl key on OSX. The initial font size can be specified on the "Visual" tab of the configuration. (Note that ctrl-equal will also work for increasing the font). Due to a bug in Qt, this change required disabling tabbing between fields and controls on a form.
  • Option "EYE" has been restored to the environment selector for the 62626 code group, on the Comm tab.
  • Fixed a bug in the main tab reporting of estimated altitudes (OSX only).
July15, 2014 7741
  • XY Graph limits can be specified by the user in the configuration settings.
May 27, 2014 7725
  • LINUX ONLY. Fix missing libraries in the Linux distributions.
May 22, 2014 7724
  • Added the RS92 RH radiation bias correction.This can be enabled in the configuration. NOTE: This is currently disabled, until further validation is completed.
  • Fixed broken zooming behavior on the XY plots.
  • Fixed the missing synoptic map title.
Apr 15, 2014 7717
  • Changes to the configuration management.
  • Added capability to produce two soundings from radiosonde series that have both ascending and descending segments.
  • Improvements to the summary tabulation in BatchAspen.
  • Add options to allow the outlier check to be disabled for pressure, temperature and humidity.
Jan 03, 2014 7635
  • First native build on OSX 10.9 Mavericks.
  • Corrected LAST REPORT section of the 62626 group to not specify the observation numbers.
  • Upgrade synoptic map to current GIS packages.
  • Extensive software build system overhaul.
  • End of XP support.
  • Deployed to the 53rd for the 2014 hurricane season.
Sep 07, 2013 7566
  • Added an option to include a title on the synoptic plot. The option is set in the configuration synoptic plot tab.
  • End of support for OSX prior to Mavericks.
Aug 27, 2013 7563
  • Fixed a bug in the configuration editor, which was only manifesting itself on Snow Leopard. Improved the handling of the software revision number.
Aug 24, 2013 7562
  • Fix the way that the default configuration files are created.
Aug 22, 2013 7560
  • Changed the file naming convention for the synoptic map autosave. File names now begin with SynMap_
  • Added an option to allow the pressure monotonic check to be disabled.
May 02, 2013 7551
  • FRD file output: a diagnosed vertical wind speed is reported in the vertical wind column, instead of the sonde fall speed.
  • FRD file input: read the raw geopotential output rather than the GPS altitude.
  • The software sourece code revision number is included in the comment line of output files.
  • The sounding "splash time" is added to the surface observation note on the summary tab.
  • An option was aded to allow users to add a disclaimer to EOL output files.
Jan10, 2013 7526
  • Deployed to the 53rd for the 2013 hurricane season.





































































Derived from the HRD Editsonde program (1998). Initially developed for AFRES 53rd Hurricane Hunters real-time operations. Later expanded for general upsonde and dropsonde application.


Approximately 1200 registered downloads as of Nov 2008.