Progressive Science

11/21/2005 - 07/11/2023

This site has information for the Progressive Science missions which took place from 21 November through 19 December 2005.

  • Aircraft Flight Data via Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Chat room information



               &G5 -- general Gulfstream V topics

               &progsci -- Progressive Science discussion

               (other specialized rooms can be created, opened and logged for your use.   Please let us know.)

    password required (Need to sign EOL chat agreement for access)

                Download chat guidelines with registration instructions (MS Word format)

    Chat settings:

               Use NO proxy server

               Use SSL

               Accept invalid SSL certificate

    Nickname convention:   FirstnameLastname-Location

               e.g., JoeGreen-Jeffco

    Note:   Chat rooms are available 24/7, not just during flights.
  • FTP upload instructions:

    Note:   This function has been disabled.   If you need it reinstated, use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of this page to tell us.   (It appears to work, but all uploaded files go to the bit bucket.)

    site name:

    directory:   /pub/temp/field/incoming/other/

    file names to upload:   must start with string "PS_" (without quotes)

                                        (3 characters:   capital P, capital S and underscore)

    naming format for all files:   PS_yyyymmdd-hhmm_<instrument>.ext
                    yyyy 4-digit year
                    mm 2-digit month
                    dd 2-digit day
                    hh 2-digit start hour (UTC)
                    mm 2-digit start minute
                    <instrument> data identifier
                    ext data type extension (e.g., nc = netCDF, txt = text)
      can have more than one ext (e.g., nc.tar)
                (omit "-hhmm" if file has no time reference)

    Note   1:  You cannot list or retrieve files from this directory.

                (Uploaded files will be available after a short time in the FTP download subdirectory "reports."   See below.)

    Note   2:   For information on file uploads to the aircraft, contact Project Manager Jørgen Jensen.

  • FTP download information

    site name:

    login:   anonymous

    directory:   /pub/archive/RAF-projects/ProgSci/

    subdirectories of interest:

    data/ (includes preliminary flight-level netCDF files)

    images/ (includes filght photo galleries)

    reports/ (includes files from the FTP upload)



Project Manager: Jørgen Jensen