VORTEX2 Radar Data Submission Instructions

There are special procedures for downloading PI-collected radar data. It is hoped that these procedures facilitate the simple exchange of data, while ensuring that all radar data files are named consistently and will function properly within the EOL solo software package. Procedures are very similar to those detailed in the procedures for submission of general VORTEX-2 data (see VORTEX2 Data Submission Instructions).

If you are a Radar PI, please submit your data set(s) (including accompanying metadata or documentation files) to the special ftp space set up for radar data. Radar-named subdirectories should exist (or may be requested for creation) in this space to help organize the deposited data files. Along with the data, plan to provide support information, including information on the accuracy and performance of the radar system in VORTEX-2.

Here is the first portion of the procedure:

  • FTP: ftp.eol.ucar.edu
    LOGIN: anonymous    (No password required.)
    cd /pub/data/incoming/vortex2/radar/<radar_name>
       (NOTE: This command should be done all in one step.)

You should consider using the "ftp -i" option along with mput, and ensure that "binary" mode is turned on (this is often the default on systems).

It is very important to send an e-mail to rilling@ucar.edu and eol-archive@ucar.edu, indicating that the data file(s) have been FTPed, along with the file(s) names, data contact information, any data restrictions, and appropriate file documentation (i.e. data formats, descriptions, acknowledgments, and metadata).

Please follow solo-type naming conventions for your radar data files. The UNIX utility "tar" may be used to bundle individual sweep files.

The following naming conventions are recommended:

  • Individual sweep files: swp.1yymmddhhmmss.RADAR.0.fff.d_STYP_v10nn
  • Tar files: RADAR.yymmddhhmm.swp.tar


  • swp indicates that this is a DORADE-format sweep file
  • yymmddhhmmss are date/time components for the start date/time of this sweep (the digit "1" is required as part of a UNIX date/time convention)
  • RADAR is to be replaced with the system name (uppercase)
  • .0. is a required spacer between RADAR and the fixed angle.
  • fff.d is the scan's "fixed angle" (an elevation angle for SUR and PPI, and an azimuth angle for RHI)
  • STYP is the scan type (usually RHI, PPI, or a full-360 SUR)
  • v10nn is the scan volume number for DORADE sweep files, but is used here to represent both a data set version number and the scan volume number; the "v" is required, followed by the data version number (a single digit), a zero as a spacer, and a volume number, nn mod 99.
  • The date/time for the tar file is the start time of the particular archive; it is recommended that the archive time stamp either be equal to the time of the first sweep, or that it start on the half-hour (or hour) for operations that span a significant time period.

Documentation files may be e-mailed to rilling@ucar.edu and eol-archive@ucar.edu directly if preferred. If password protection is required for these data, please indicate this at the time of submission. You will receive a unique "user ID" and "password" that can be changed at any time upon request. For users without direct Internet access, or if your data set(s) are too large to FTP, you may send digital file(s) on magnetic or optical media (with documentation) by conventional mail to the NCAR/EOL shipping address below.

Thank you very much for your assistance in providing final data to the VORTEX-2 archive. Feel free to contact us should you encounter any problems or have any questions.

Bob Rilling
VORTEX-2 Data Management

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