• More description of this probe is on this EOL web page, and on the NCAR U: drive (U:\EOL\EOL Users\dcrogers\UHSAS).

  • A description by the current manufacturer is available at this DMT web site. This description is a little out-of-date because it doesn't take into account a recent change, as described in the next item:

  • -- a preliminary description of the performance of this instrument during the early flights of HIPPO-3

  • DMT Manual (50 pages).

  • This is the ground-based version; the airborne version has similar characteristics.

  • Publications:
    • Cai, Y., D.C. Montague, W. Mooiweer-Bryan, T. Deshler, 2008: Performance characteristics of the ultra high sensitivity aerosol spectrometer for particles between 55 and 800 nm: Laboratory and field studies. J. Aerosol Sci., 39, 759--769.

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