Short Name: 
Digital Video
HAIS Instrument: 
Recent Projects That Used This Instrument: 
All HIAPER since PACDEX (not on Icebridge), C-130 since PREDICT.
Date Acquired: 
January, 2008
Property Tag and/or Serial Number: 
PPE 50007
Operational Status: 
requestable, ready for deployment
Problems - Documentation: 
A troubleshooting manual has been drafted.
Lead Contact: 
Stuart Beaton
Alternate Contact: 
Janine Aquino
Measurements Provided: 
Image of scene ahead of aircraft. Left, right, and downward images are requestable.
Typical Sampling Rates: 
1 sample per second
General Description: 

Small industrial machine vision cameras. Forward-looking color imagery is standard on both aircraft. A downward-looking monochrome camera is also available for the C-130. Upon request, left- and right-facing cameras can be deployed.

Measurement Characteristics: 

For HIAPER: 1280 x 960 resolution, 68° (horizontal) x 51° (vertical) field of view with approximately 6% barrel distortion.

For C-130: 1024x768 resolution, 62° (horizontal) x 48° (vertical) field of view.

Calibration Methods: 

Field of view is calibrated by viewing a known size object from a known distance.

History of Significant Changes: 
  • 2009: Dan LaGreca software for acquisition, display.
  • 5/2011: added 10W heating to HIAPER camera snout.
  • 11/2011: added 40W heating to C130 camera snout.
  • 3/2013: C-130 camera moved to cockpit, center of windscreen.

Below is a frame from a typical movie. In this sample the resolution of the image is 1/2 that of the original image recorded by the camera and stored in the project data archive.