Wintronics KT19.85 Radiation Pyrometer

Short Name or Variable Name


Measurements Provided: Radiometric surface temperature

Typical Sampling Rates: 5 Hz

Measurement Characteristics: 

  • Overall estimate of uncertainty: 0.5K plus 0.7% of difference between scene temperature and sensor housing temperature
  • Sensor housing is temperature controlled at 20 deg C
  • Other measurement characteristics (comments on signal/noise, bias limits, etc):
    • Sample Rate = 5 Hz, Spectral Range = 9.6-11.5 microns, Field of View = 2 degrees

History of Significant Changes: The sensor housings are heated on both the C130 and GV so as to maintain a stable temperature at high altitude (cold ambient temperature). Nominal set point for the heating unit is 20 degrees C.

Calibration Methods

Calibrated at the Naval Research Lab using a liquid bath blackbody target over a range of temperatures from -50 to 50 degrees C. Temperature controlled alcohol bath.

Lead Contact
Julie Haggerty
Typical Sampling Rates
5 Hz