Radome Gust Probe for 3-D wind measurements.

Short Name or Variable Name
  • Standard GV or C-130 Radome with five pressure ports installed in a "cross" pattern and connected to Honeywell PPT0001DXX2VB-S021 differential transducers. The figure below is a photograph of the GV radome with pressure ports indicated:
    • Relative wind is sensed by a combination of differential pressure sensors attached to five holes in the aircraft radome, as shown in the photograph above. Measurements are used to calculate aircraft attack and sideslip angles to be used along with IRU and GPS data to calculate 3-D wind fields. High accuracy differential pressure transducers with serial output are used, and the center hole is measured as the difference between this pressure and the static pressure line.


Measurements Provided: Vertical and horizontal differential pressure; differential pressure between center hole and static ports

Measurement Characteristics: 

  • GV: Range: +-1 PSI; Accuracy: 0.0005 PSI Typical
  • C-130: Range: +-40 mb; Accuracy: 0.1 mb
Calibration Methods

RAF Calibration Cart / Traceable Pressure Standard

Lead Contact
Adriana Bailey