HIAPER Modular Inlet

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Photograph of the HIMIL components:

The 8" and 12" Blue and Red HIMILs are flow-through aerodynamic inlet housings that consist of a pylon and a cigar-shaped body with a diffusing nozzle upstream and a converging nozzle downstream. The body is capable of passing through up to 3 independent inlet lines, up to 5/16" OD each. These lines can be configured in forward facing, vertical facing (a stub at 90 degrees to the air flow) or aft facing configuration. The 5/16" lines can optionally be fitted with PTFE lining, which can be continuous all the way from the tip to the instrument. RAF provides basic tubular inlet lines; specialty inlet lines, such as diffuser tips, are provided by instrument investigators.

Model: 8" blue; 12" red, optionally anti-iced. 2 blue units, 5 red

Measurements Provided: Capability to direct ambient air to cabin mounted instruments on the GV and C-130 while causing minimal aerodynamic drag

Lead Contact
Pavel Romashkin