Gerber Liquid Water Probe

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The primary measurements from the PVM-100A are liquid water content and effective radius of cloud droplets. The measurements are based on measured scattering intensity from an ensemble of droplets at a set of angle chosen so that the result is proportional to the third moment of the size distribution (for liquid water content). There are limits to the validity for large (e.g., > 50 micrometer diameter) drops or if ice crystals are present, but the response is reliable for normal cloud-droplet sizes.

Sensor head for exterior mount on C-130 only - LPO; electronics in large instrument pod:

Photo from the Gerber Scientific web site: click here to view

Calibration Methods

Internal test using switches on electronics box in the large pod. Recently returned to the manufacturer for a functional checkup and test of internal calibration circuitry.

Primary External Contacts
Herman Gerber
Lead Contact
Jorgen Jensen