Digital Imagery

Short Name or Variable Name
Digital Video

Small industrial machine vision cameras. Forward-looking color imagery is standard on both aircraft.  Upon request, left-, right-, and down-facing cameras can be deployed.

Measurements Provided: Image of scene ahead of aircraft. Left, right, and downward images are requestable.

Typical Sampling Rates: 1 sample per second

Measurement Characteristics: 

For GV: 1024 x 768 resolution, 62° (horizontal) x 48° (vertical) field of view.

For C-130: 1384 x 1032 resolution, 68° (horizontal) x 51° (vertical) field of view with approximately 6% barrel distortion.

History of Significant Changes: 

  • 2009: Dan LaGreca software for acquisition, display.
  • 2011 May: added 10W heating to HIAPER camera snout.
  • 2011-Nov: added 40W heating to C130 camera snout.
  • 2013-Mar: C-130 camera moved to cockpit, center of windscreen.
  • 2019-Aug: GV downward camera available. (Allied Prosilica GT4907 Monochrome, GigEVision)

Example(s) of Measurement: Below is a frame from a typical movie. In this sample the resolution of the image is 1/2 that of the original image which was recorded by the camera and stored in the project data archive.



Calibration Methods

Field of view is based on the lens manufacturer specifications.

Lead Contact
Stuart Beaton
Typical Sampling Rates
1 sample per second