Broadband Radiometers (airborne)

Short Name or Variable Name
Pyrgeometers and Pyranometers

CMP22 Pyranometer

CGR4 Pyrgeometer (unmodified)

Model: Kipp and Zonen CGR4 (pyrgeometers), CMP22 (pyranometers)

Measurements Provided: Irradiance in the shortwave and infrared spectral regions. (W/m2) -- Pyrgeometers (4.5-40 um), Pyranometers (0.2-3.6 um)

Typical Sampling Rates: 1 Hz

History of Significant Changes: 

  • C-130 and GV pyrgeometers (2)

    • replaced amplifiers
    • fabricated new back-housing and mounting plate
    • signal conditioning box (NRL)
  • C-130 pyranometers (2)
    • new back-housing and rewiring on first pyranometer
    • mounted on stabilized platform

Example(s) of Measurement: Pyrgeometer Measurements from IDEAS-IV 


Calibration Methods

Pyrgeometer - temperature controlled alcohol bath
Pyranometer - solar reference

Primary External Contacts
Anthony Bucholtz (NRL Monterey)
Lead Contact
Julie Haggerty
Typical Sampling Rates
1 Hz