Convective Waves over Ocean (Wave)

01/26/1990 - 02/18/1990
Project Location
North-East U.S. Coast

This project was a continuation of earlier efforts to study convection waves using multiple-aircraft observations. The multi-aircraft investigation took advantage of the availability of the Lidar equipped NASA Electra which was capable of remotely observing the eddy activity in the convective boundary layer and displacement of the capping inversion. The NCAR King Air and Sabreliner simultaneously monitored the 3-D structure of the gravity wave systems in the troposphere and stratosphere during this project. The joint flight had the objective to verify numerical and analytical results and specifically:

  1. Determine the magnitude of the vertical momentum flux through the depth of the troposphere and stratosphere
  2. Investigate, by Lidar, the convective structure inside the boundary layer and the characteristics of the capping inversion
  3. Explore the effect of directional shear on the horizontal and vertical structure of gravity waves over banded convection
  4. Determine, in cold air outbreaks over the ocean, the fetch dependence of the scales of vertical motion within the marine boundary layer in relation to the boundary layer depth and convention wavelength. The aircraft measurements were the primary data for this study.

See also the WAVE_264 (Test) project.


Principal Investigators:

  • Robert Grossman 

Data Manager: