Venezuela International Meteorological and Hydrological Experiment II

05/22/1972 - 09/06/1972
Project Location
North Central Venezuela

The second Venezuela International Meteorological and Hydrological Experiment (VIMHEX-II) was conducted from May to early September, 1972. Headquarters were located at Carrizal (9 deg 22.8’ N and 65 deg 55.0’ W), and at Maracay (10 deg 15.0’ N and 67 deg 39.0’ W), in the North Central section of Venezuela, approximately 150 km Southwest of Caracas. VIMHEX-II was a joint effort between NCAR, Colorado State University, and agencies of the Venezuelan Government, especially the Meteorological Service which is part of the Venezuelan Air Force (FAV). NCAR’s Field Observing Facility was assigned overall management of the Project.

The scientific objectives of VIMHEX-II were to explore the surroundings of large convective clouds to gain information for weather prediction models in the tropics in general and Venezuela in particular. Other specific project goals included:

  • Quantitative description of the physical processes leading to the observed mean climatic state.
  • Prognosis on the time scale of one day upward, as far ahead as possible, for operational purposes.
  • Prediction of aperiodic rainfall fluctuations on longer time scales, such as the entire rainy season.
  • Potential of cloud modification to increase precipitation.



Aircraft NCAR Sabreliner
Aircraft NCAR Queen Air
Radar Modified 10-cm M-33 Radar Unit with 2 deg beam width and camera scope system
Surface NCAR FOF Surface Observational Network
Surface Raingauge Network (69 Stations reporting daily and 17 reporting 5 min intervals)
Upper Air GMD-1 Radiosonde Unit at Carrizal



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