The South China Sea Monsoon Experiment

05/01/1998 - 06/30/1998
Project Location
South China Sea

The South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX) was an international experiment designed to understand the key physical processes for the onset, maintenance and variability of the Southeast Asian monsoon. The field phase of SCSMEX was held from 1 May to 30 June 1998, during which two Intensive Observing Periods (IOPs) were conducted. During these IOPs, extensive meteorological and oceanographic observations were taken over the South China Sea. An integral part of observational network during the IOPs included: two research vessels (Shiyan 3 located near 20N, 117E and Kexue 1 near 6N, 110E), which took high resolution vertical soundings of the atmosphere and detailed surface measurements, and a network of two Doppler radars in the northern South China Sea.