SABIR Pod Test Flights

05/11/2015 - 05/27/2015
Project Location
Rocky Mountain Municipal Airport, Broomfield, CO

RAF worked with the Air National Guard (ANG) to test the capability of the ANG Special Airborne Mission Installation and Response(SABIR) arm for atmospheric research. This extendable arm is an easily deployed door-mounted capability that can carry an external pod similar to the research pods carried on the NSF/NCAR aircraft. To test this capability, RAF has installed the system with a large research pod on the C-130 and will conduct a short test period (11-22 May 2015) out of RMMA. Over three to four test flights, measurements of trace gases and aerosols such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and condensation nuclei, will be taken at the position of the pod, as well as at standard inlet locations through the C-130 cabin. The objective of these tests is to determine if there is contamination of the air (either from the engine exhaust or from cabin air) that is sampled at the SABIR Pod location. In the long run, the arm will be installed on C-130 aircraft that routinely fly between Christchurch, NZ and Antarctica as part of NSF’s Polar Program, and provide the research community a new avenue for conducting polar research without adversely impacting the cargo capabilities of these aircraft.


Project Manager

        Lou Lussier> NCAR/EOL/RAF

Data Manager:

        EOL Archive  NCAR/EOL/DMS