Rybicka Wheatfield Plum Flux Support

11/29/1984 - 12/31/1986
Project Location
Brighton, Colorado

The RYBICA project was a single PAM station set up in support of the Wheatfield Plume Flux study. Rybicka is the name of a farm near Brighton, Colorado. The intention of the Wheatfield Plume Flux study was to examine trace gas transport to and from the atmosphere throughout the growth cycle of a food crop. A special analog sensing interface was added to the PAM station to permit atmospheric chemistry data (carbon monoxide, nuclei, and ozone) to be included with the standard PAM data set. These data were not directly involved in flux measurements, but rather provided background climatological data, and indications of pollution levels.


Principal Investigators:

  • Anthony Delany NCAR/ACD
  • Patrick Zimmerman NCAR/ACD
  • Donald Stedman Denver University
  • Barry Huebert Colorado College
  • William Parton CSU


Data Manager: