June 8, 1992 to July 6, 1992
Project Location: 
Meridian, Mississippi
Project Description: 

The purpose of this program was to determine and quantify the processes responsible for the transport of ozone and ozone precursors (NOy) vertically:

  1. through the planetary boundary layer
  2. between the planetary boundary layer and the free troposphere
  3. through the free troposphere, and the horizontal transport of these compounds into and from this locale.

A ground site, located in the Kinterbish Wildlife Management Area, AL (40 miles east of Meridian, Mississippi) provided an intense suite of chemical and meteorological measurements to investigate the chemical processing and surface exchange on a near-surface, local scale. A network of boundary layer radars were used to measure the vertical and horizontal winds above the area. The measurements were taken during June-July 1992 with the aircraft based out of Meridian Mississippi.