Remote sensing of Electrification, Lightning, And Mesoscale/microscale Processes with Adaptive Ground Observations

06/01/2018 - 04/30/2019
Project Location

The RELAMPAGO field program will have two phases, with an Extended Hydrometeorology Observing Period (EHOP) from 1 June 2018 – 30 April 2019 and an Intensive Observing Period (IOP) from 1 November – 15 December 2018. A dry run campaign will be conducted in November 2017. The project will take place in west central Argentina in the general vicinity of the Sierras de Córdoba (SDC) near Córdoba and the Andes foothills near Mendoza.

​RELAMPAGO will provide unique observations of atmospheric and surface conditions in a region with substantial terrain and explore a regime of convection not observed comprehensively. RELAMPAGO will form a key part of an observation network that will elucidate the tight connections between the land surface, complex terrain, convective development, and the production of severe weather, role of terrain processes in initiating and developing organized convective systems and altering flows within and above the convective boundary layer, and roles of environmental moisture, aerosols, and instability on the resultant intensity, organization, precipitation, and high impact weather production of deep convective systems. Through its unique configuration of atmospheric profiling and remote sensing capabilities, understanding of processes that impact prediction of societal hazards will be improved.


ISFS Tower Locations

Columns 3-5 came from a cell phone during the site survey.

Site number Nearest town Latitude Longitude Elevation (m)
S1 Rio Primero 31° 19.877'S 63° 38.470'W 253
S2 El Tio 31° 22.856'S 62° 48.640'W 116
S3 San Francisco 31° 25.654'S 62° 7.963'W 116
S4 Esperanza 31° 23.501'S 60° 54.689'W 25
S5 Canada de Gomez 32° 48.341'S 61° 26.097'W 97
S6 Marcos Juarez 32° 43.423'S 62° 5.625'W 115
S7 Marcos Juarez 32° 42.947'S  62° 4.478'W 112
S8 Ordonez 32° 48.216'S 62° 57.615'W 147
S9 Ordonez 32° 50.325'S 62° 53.111'W 133
S10 Laborde 33° 9.335'S 62° 49.405'W 123
S11 La Carlota 33° 18.288'S 63° 21.312'W 157
S12 Alejandro Roca 33° 24.199'S 63° 38.206'W 191
S13 Rio Cuarto; Campo Pozo del Carril 32° 58.048'S 64° 39.136'W 646
S14 Berrotaran 32° 28.334'S 64° 23.708'W 631
S15 Pilar 31° 40.078'S 63° 52.924'W 335

RELAMPAGO Map of Tower Sites

Relampago ISFS tower site map in Argentina.


Principal Investigators

Steve Nesbitt U of Illinois

Rita Roberts NCAR

Jeff Trapp U of Illinois

Francina Dominguez, U of Illinois (Hydromet)

David Gochis, NCAR (Hydromet)

Data Manager


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