Polarization Radar Observatory for Winter Storms

01/15/1997 - 03/31/1997
Project Location

During the PROWS97 (Polarimetric Radar Observations of Winter Storms 1997) project, both the CSU-CHILL and the NCAR S-POL dual polarization S-band research radar systems participated in the project. The NCAR S-POL component of the project was directed by NCAR scientists Roy Rassmussen and Jim Wilson. CSU-CHILL operations were supervised by CSU Profs. Steven Rutledge and V. Chandrasekar. The experiment was designed to collect polarimetric radar data sets that could be compared with ground based precipitation observations (i.e., hydrometeor types, sizes, accumulation rates, etc.). These surface observations offered a verification standard against which various radar-derived characterizations of winter precipitation could be tested. Dedicated surface weather observations were made at the state climate network station on the CSU campus, and at NCAR's Marshall field installation near Boulder. The S-POL radar was operated from the Eastlake site (approximately 55 km southwest of CSU-CHILL). Coordinated dual Doppler scans were conducted by the two radars at 30 minute intervals. The overall data set collected in PROWS97 should usefully expand techniques for remotely sensing winter season precipitation with dual polarization radars.


Principal Investigators:

  • Roy Rassmussen NCAR/EOL
  • Jim Wilson NCAR/EOL
  • Steven Rutledge CSU
  • V. Chandrasekar CSU

Data Manager: