Pacific Ocean Photochemistry Experiment

04/26/1988 - 06/06/1988
Project Location
Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii

The Pacific Ocean Photochemistry Experiment required ground based meterological observations in conjunction with air sampling equipment for the study of the Pacific air mass near Hawaii's Mauna Loa Observatory from April through May, 1988. To fulfill this requirement, a standard PAM station was modified to permit direct downloading of data into the NCAR/ACD computers located on site, thereby providing more representative readings than could be obtained from the observatory. These PAM data were important in the determination of the boundary layer position to differentiate between air masses which were contaminated by the island versus the cleaner free troposphere. The experiment's goal was to expand the data base of information involving the photochemical relationship between the major odd nitrogen, odd hydrogen and odd oxygen species, remote tropospheric production and the loss of ozone. PAM Data were simultaneously transmitted to Boulder, Colorado which permitted SSSF personnel to examine the data integrity and better support the project.


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