GV Large Pod Certification Project

04/23/2009 - 07/21/2009

Long term plans for the HIAPER aircraft include the capability to fly large pod instruments for research. The "large pods" are ~0.5 m diameter x 4 m long, significantly larger than PMS canisters.  There are several instruments in the HAIS list that require large pods, such as the HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR) The AMS (aerosol mass spectrometer) will probably fly in the cabin initially, and is a candidate for moving to a large pod.  Delivery and acceptance of these instruments are in the 2009-2010 time frame, and they depend on performing successful demonstration flights.

FAA certification is required in order to fly large pods on this airplane.  The certification process requires engineering studies by staff at Gulfstream and at NCAR.  It also requires flight tests that usually occur in two segments: company flights and FAA certification flights.