Oklahoma Atmospheric Surface-layer Instrumentation System

10/01/1997 - 10/01/2000
Project Location

The Oklahoma Mesonet (Brock et al., 1995), a system of 115 automated measurement stations across Oklahoma, is serving as the foundation for the Oklahoma Atmospheric Surface-layer Instrumentation System (OASIS) Project. OASIS (Brotzge et al. 1999a; Richardson et al., 1999) is a 3-year project (October 1997 to October 2000) designed to enhance the Mesonet's capability to measure boundary layer fluxes of sensible, latent, and ground heat, as well as the radiation balance. Approximately 90 Mesonet sites will directly measure the net radiation and ground heat flux and indirectly estimate the sensible heat flux (using similarity theory); latent heat flux will be calculated as a residual from the conservation of energy equation. In addition, nine of the 90 sites also will use eddy correlation techniques to determine the sensible and latent heat fluxes and measure net radiation using a four-way net radiometer.


Principal Investigators:

  • Brotzge, Richardson, et al.

Data Manager: