Nitrogen, Oxidants, Mercury and Aerosol Distributions, Sources & Sinks

06/01/2013 - 07/15/2013
Project Location
Smyrna, Tennessee

Southeast Atmosphere Study (SAS) is the "umbrella" for the NOMADSS, SOAS, NAAMEX, TROPHONO, and SENEX projects. Please visit the EOL SAS project page for more information.

The Nitrogen, Oxidants, Mercury and Aerosol Distributions, Sources and Sinks (NOMADSS) project integrates three proposed studies: the Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS), the North American Airborne Mercury Experiment (NAAMEX), and the TROPospheric HONO (TROPHONO).

The study goals include a regional survey of photochemical constituents in rural southern eastern United States (SOAS), an examination of major mercury sources and the mapping of mercury distributions and transformations in the eastern United States (NAAMEX), and to establish HONO distributions and the mechanics of its production in various continental and maritime air masses (TROPHONO).

The merger of the SOAS, NAAMEX, and TROPHONO field campaigns on the C-130 platform provides the opportunity to address the objectives and science questions for the three respective projects summarized below.

Unless otherwise noted, photos courtesy of Carlye Calvin, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.


Principal Investigators:

Project Manager:

  • Vidal Salazar NCAR/EOL

Data Manager: