July 27, 1989 to August 22, 1989
Project Location: 
Socorro, New Mexico
Project Description: 

The purpose of the NO Lightning project was to measure the production of NO and O3 by electrified clouds and to relate this to the occurrence of cloud-to-ground and intracloud lightning. The measurements were taken near Langmuir Laboratory (Socorro, New Mexico) in the late summer of 1989. The chemical measurements of NO, NO2, NOy, and O3 were also made aboard the NCAR Sabreliner. To characterize the electrical structure of the storms, measurements were made from the New Mexico Tech aircraft and from the NCAR sailplane, in addition to surface-based electric field meters. A C-Band radar was used to determine reflectivity structure and airflow characteristics of the storm. A CLASS sounding system provided physical/thermodynamic data.