North Atlantic Regional Experiment - Aircraft

08/08/1993 - 08/28/1993
Project Location
New England

This cost-recovery program sought to determine and quantify the processes responsible for the transport of ozone and ozone precursors from North America to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Specific goals included improved understanding of

  1. the fate of continental emissions transported over the Atlantic Ocean
  2. the impact of these compounds on the oxidative properties of the atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean
  3. the delivery of these compounds and their oxidation products to the ocean.

Partners in the program included the Atmospheric Environment Service of Canada, Battelle Northwest Laboratory and the British Meteorological Office. The King Air was deployed to Portland, ME in August 1993. The research flights were mostly between the Boston and Newfoundland coastal areas. Measurements were obtained of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitric oxides, non-methane hydrocarbons, and aerosols, in addition to state parameters and winds. Favorable weather conditions contributed to a significant pollution buildup and a highly successful airborne measurement program. Fred Fehsenfeld (NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory) was the PI.


Principal Investigators:

  • Fred Fehsenfeld NOAA Aeronomy Lab

Project Manager:

  • Al Schanot NCAR/EOL/RAF

Data Manager: