Multiple Antenna Profiler

05/15/1995 - 05/31/1995
Project Location
Boulder Atmospheric Observatory, Erie, CO

The NCAR/ARM MAPR (Multiple Antenna Profiler) was developed with the objective of using new spaced antenna techniques to meet these goals. The MAPR participated in two field deployments in 1995. The first, in May, was next to the 300 m tower of the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory in Erie, Colorado (Figure 1).The tower was equipped with both sonic and propeller anemometers at several heights, allowing for direct validation of the remotely sensed winds. The primary purpose of these deployments has been instrument testing and validation, and technique development in a data-rich environment. Through these experiments MAPR average winds have been successfully compared with rawinsonde winds, and with 30-second integrated sonic anemometer winds.


Stephen Cohn, NCAR/ATD

Chris Holloway, Institute of Telecomm. Science/NTIA

Richard J. Doviak, NOAA/NSSL

Data Manager: