Project Juneau

12/05/1996 - 06/30/2001
Project Location
Juneau, Alaska

NCAR/RAP investigators requested the use of one of SSSF's ISS wind profilers at a site near the Juneau, Alaska airport. SSSF personnel set up the system, optimized its operation in order to reduce ground clutter, and monitored the data in Boulder remotely during the project. Another leased profiler (from Radian Corporation) was installed in another area near the airport. RAP is using the profiler and anemometer data from several key mountain-top instruments to better understand the turbulence generated by high-wind events and to develop an operational system for better prediction and warning of turbulence events. This system consists of turbulence-detecting algorithms and a turbulence display system for the Juneau Area Weather System (JAWS). Data from the two profilers were taken from mid-December 1996 through April 1997. Several suitable turbulent wind events occurred during that time period.


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